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6 months. That's all you have.That's your entire window of opportunity.In 6 months, every known industry will be flooded with competition.Chumps from Fiverr ready to f!ck up your serviceForcing your prospects to only sign deals with individuals who have a proven track recordThey’ll focus on maximizing their investments with the LEAST amount of risk.And if your business growth solely relies on traditional outreach…You’ll be amongst the first who perishThe De*th to outbound is hereBut this cannot be the end to your storyThat’s why my partner, Aaron and I squeezed 3 years of expertise into devising a MASTERPLANWe call it The Presence PillarsAnd it will transform you into your niche’s go-to AUTHORITY

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Remember this:The money will always go to the AUTHORITIES over the cold outreachers